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The PFM Association (Project for a Better Future) was created in 2009 in order to identify and develop ideas and projects to enhance the area and to help old and new generations to create a Better Future.
The PFM Association is in the province of Messina, between Patti and Tindari, in south of the Aeolian Islands, in a glimpse of Sicily full of cultural and naturalistic sites. Unfortunately, to date it has been scarcely exploited and effective tourism is lower than this gorgeous area deserves and limited to the summer season. As other sectors are not conveniently developed, the real employment opportunities are very few. For this reason many young people are forced to leave their home and move to the North or abroad in hope to find a proper job.
PFM members, instead, have chosen to stay and fight concretely to change things.
In its first years of activity, the Association has selected and pursued some ideas that could provide benefits to the entire area. In the meantime, in collaboration with other associations and institutions or autonomously, the Association has carried out some cultural, touristic and social activities that have been appreciated by participants.
One of the main objectives of the Association is the promotion of Tourism in a place that is considered unique and surely deserves to be visited; so the Association carries out some actions and initiatives in order to enhance the area and exploit its cultural, artistic and naturalistic heritage. We offer tours all year round in Sicily: such as Naturalistic Excursions and Guided Tours to promote the territory and its peculiarities. We believe that in this way some new opportunities could be created for the new generations, setting the conditions for a sustainable development based especially on tourism.

President of PFM Association

- Elisa Mosca

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Insurance liability n° 749/58/00106010 stipulatated with Consorzio Social C.A.E.S.

For further information, please contact us at  +393313457538 or send an email to info@associazionepfm.it or fill in the form Contatti.  

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